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Remember three years ago when I used to eat McDonald’s every day and make fun of vegans too?

You’ll come around.

Remember when I used to be a…

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    Remember when I ate nothing but meat and went hunting with my dad, and thought that vegetarians were just hippies that...
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    I would always tell my vegan friends that their food/drinks had cows blood or pig feet mixed in and laugh my butt off...
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    Just a few short months ago, I thought veganism was way too extreme for me. I was a vegetarian and thought vegetarians...
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    im the same as connor and vash
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    I used to speak really negatively about vegans because “they“‘d told my sister she didn’t have the RIGHT to drink milk....
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    Four years ago I saw a video that a vegetarian youtuber made about the meat industry but before I watched it, I...
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    I used to fucking love cheese. I would take a french baguette and a big slice of brie, and instead of cutting them up, I...
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